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Stress Interviews are common in industries where stress is part of the job like stock trading on financial markets or sales jobs. The primary objective of these interviews is to just put you on the spot and see how you cope with the stress.


Most common techniques are to interrupt you frequently when you are answering a question, ask you another question before you have finished the first, tell you on your face that you are the worst candidate they have seen during the day, ask you to sell them your pen and then be a tough customer etc.


An important tip on coping with these situations is to not take things personally and play the game. If you are asked to do certain things during the interview, donít argue as to why it should not be done. Just try to find creative ways of doing things and thereby demonstrating that you are not the one to bow down to stress or difficult situations.


I have heard a story about a candidate being asked to jump from a window. The candidate proved he was good enough for the challenge by climbing on the window and jumping inside the room (nobody said jump out of the window!).


The idea is that trading on financial markets and sales are jobs that need people who are street smart, whose stress threshold is higher than normal, people who do not take things personally and can turn tables on someone to their advantage. Because stress brings out such personalities, these are considered more appropriate types of interviews for those positions.


You cannot prepare enough for stress interviews. You either have it or donít. Donít stress too much on it.


Resources for handling Stress Interviews

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